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Picture this... You're working in 9am – 5pm schedule and obviously, you won't have any time to visit the government offices. The only time you would be able to get your legal documents is during lunch. You head there on lunch break and wait for your turn, however the government employee politely tells you: "Please come back in four (4) days and hopefully we'll have your records then." Not really very helpful, is it?
Now, imagine this another scenario... You'll think that all the public documents would be easily and readily available in your local government's website online, but think again. You surf the website and there's simply too much information that you wouldn't know where to begin. You spend hours and hours online and you still haven't found that illusive legal document.
Here's the Reality: You've got to face the fact that looking for any public records or documents on your own could really be tiresome and time-consuming. You badly need that birth certificate, death certificate, marriage or divorce certificate and you feel utterly helpless.